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With the ever increasing levels of theft & vandalism being experienced on remote and isolated sites, Advanced Digital Security Ireland (ADSI) have brought a new solution to clients to help combat these issues.

This is the first fully wireless video verification solution on the market. No mains power connection or fixed broadband line isnecessary as the system is battery powered and uses a wireless GPRS network to communicate to the monitoring station.

A sophisticated motion sensor combined with a night vision camera & illuminators, the motion viewer detects & captures the intrusion on video. Monitoring personnel immediately see a 10 second video clip of the intrusion and can then notify the relevant authorities. The owners of the protected site also receive the 10 second video via email or to their mobile phone.

One particular ADSI client had been experiencing high levels of theft and vandalism to their remote construction compounds and with no mains power or fixed line communication path they looked at a number of different solutions to help protect their property. “By using security personnel and mobile patrols onsite was proving too costly and also ineffective as the mobile patrols can be easily
tracked by would be intruders” explains Michael McCarthy of Priority Construction. “The Systems that ADSI have provided the installation and monitoring for our sites, has proved a major success as we have to date prevented numerous break-ins and have had several successful arrests on some of our more vulnerable sites. Not only have we benefited from a reduction in crime but also the downtime we experienced from each serious incident had a negative impact on our staff & business. With the Video Verification system we know that our property is protected and also a major benefit is the fact that we receive a video clip each morning when staff arrive onsite which acts as an effective time & attendance record”.

ADSI’s Video Verification has many applications including electrical sub-stations, vacant property, wind farms agriculture and livestock facilities, telecoms towers, fuel depots, and a host of various commercial and residential applications including office/retail property and private houses.

David Courtney, Managing Director of ADSI Has fully endorsed the product, “Our clients have long been looking for a low cost, effective, accountable solution which will work without the necessity of fixed broadband and a permanent power supply, in these tough times our system has become the ideal solution both from an operational perspective and also benefits from the obvious cost savings involved in the reduced equipment installation and monitoring costs involved”.