Here at Advanced Digital Security LTD, we can provide you with a unique solution to secure your home and business from unwanted trespassers or burglars. We provide wired, to fully wireless Intruder Alarm System.


As a fully licenced installer of all intruder alarm systems, you will have the peace of mind knowing that we adhere to all the legal and necessary precautions to your safety and guarantee our systems will withstand the test of time and also designed to be weather resistant. Currently, we monitor and secure a range of businesses from factories to schools, offices, health care facilities to name a few. And with our professional personnel on stand by, you will have a peace of mind knowing that you will be notified along side the necessary authorities should an activation occur. We also provide every client with the option on remotely arming and disarming your system should you happen to forget to arm leaving your home. With a specifically designed proposal suited to your specific needs and budget, you can ensure you are getting the best quality system to date.

What Intruder Alarm System do I choose?

There are a number of types of Intruder Alarm Systems on the market, each having different characteristics tailored to your needs. As a licensed installer, we will be more than happy to go through the options available with you. We will then undertake a security survey of your premises, evaluate where your properties security can be strengthened and select the most appropriate, top of the range technology to safeguard your premises.

Benefits of an Intruder Alarm System:

  • Constant protection
  • Strong deterrent
  • Uninterrupted functionality
  • Can relocate

A list of licensed intruder alarm system installers is available from the PSA (Private Security Authority) website. According to a legislation passed in June 2012, that if an unlicensed installer installs an intruder alarm system on your property, not only is that individual at risk of prosecution but so are you. After your FREE security survey, we will discuss with you our assessment of the risks associated with your home or business.

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