Advanced Digital Security has experience in designing and installing single camera to multiple camera CCTV Security Systems incorporating hundreds of cameras. As technology is ever changing, we are constantly reviewing and researching new products to make sure that our CCTV Security Systems remain at the forefront of cutting edge product technology.



Live video patrols can be used to create great cost savings compared to the cost of the onsite personnel. The cameras are positioned to monitor offices, hallways, receiving docks, vehicle loading, warehouse stock areas, car parks, or any other area. The central station operators view the premises at scheduled intervals. Tour reports and video of activity are logged directly into our computerised automation system.

Vide Alarm Verification allows our central station operator to view the activity that is causing the alarm condition and relay that information immediately to the proper authorities and also sends you a 10 second video clip from activation.

IP Technology:

IP cameras send their signal over a network, allowing greater information transfer than an analogue signal sent to a DVR. Using an IP System has multiple advantages. They can record at a higher resolution meaning the highest definition of video is being recorded. The difference between an analogue camera and an IP camera, is the amount of information that can be handled by an IP system. With an analogue system, you can’t funnel through that much visual information. We provide end to end service for users of IP security systems from concept and design, installation and maintenance.

Video Analytics:

Video Analytics is a very essential capability for managing video in large systems. As part of our strategy at Advanced Digital Security Limited, we provide a complete IP Video Survelliance solution. We are commited to maintaining it’s technology leadership role in this field by identifying new and innovative developments of video analytic solutions from around the world and delivering them to the Irish Marketplace.

Why use Video Analytics:

What if your video survelliance system could not only issue accurate alerts as soon as security threats begin? Or when a shelf becomes empty of featured item? What if your security system gave you the information you need to improve the flow of foot traffic, while protecting you from theft? Today, in leading-edge retail, bank, transportation and other operations, modern video surveillance systems today also deliver video intelligence that helps improve business processes in dozens of ways, in addition to providing thoroughly actionable security intelligence.

The following and more, can be provided through our Video Analytics:

  • Crowd Detection
  • Removed object detection
  • Vehicle counting and speed measure
  • Unattended object detection
  • Intrusion detection
  • People counting
  • Business intelligence
  • Better decision making
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