ADSI Video Verification – The Revolutionery Security System

Video VerificationWith the ever increasing levels of theft on remote and isolated sites ADSI Video Verification is the first fully wireless video verification solution on the market. No mains power connection or fixed broadband line is necessary as the system is battery powered and uses a wireless GPRS network to communicate to the monitoring station. A sophisticated motion sensor combined with a night vision camera & illuminators, the motion viewer detects & captures the intrusion on video. Monitoring personnel immediately see a 10 second video clip of the intrusion and can then notify the relevant authorities. The owners of the protected site also receive the 10 second video via email or to their mobile phone.ADSI Video Verification has many Applications including, Surface Drilling rigs, Electrical Sub-stations, Wind farms, Agriculture and Livestock facilities, Telecoms Towers, Fuel depots, and a host of various commercial and residential applications including office/retail property and private houses.