The ADSI Biometric Fingerprint System

“Access control offers a secure, convienient, flexible and cost effective way of controlling who has access to your property and when that access is allowed. Access Control gives organisations and individuals the security they need.”
-ADSI Managing Director David Courtney

BiometricWith the need for personnel and site security having never been more crucial or multi-dimensional than it is now. What you have right now is exclusive access to the most unique and up-to-date security solutions provider in Ireland with the best technology on the market.

It is our duty and our endeavor to work attentively alongside our clients to create constructive security structures and strategies in line with their business needs, so without further delay and inline with our policy of introducing the ‘Best of the Next Generation’ in commercial security technologies we are pleased to launch a new addition to our artillery of tried and tested 21st Century Biometric Access Control.