Securing Your Home In The Summer

With the clocks going back the evening are becoming longer and brighter. With more people heading out in the brighter evenings it’s time to take action to protect you home. Here 5 ways to make you property safer.

  1. Set Timers

There is no bigger give away to burglars that you are not at home than all the lights being off in the early evening. Set timers on any plug-in lamps you have so that they can go on intermittently while you are not there making it look as though you are home.

  1. Conceal Valuables

Do not leave valuable items on display so that they can be easily seen by anyone walking past your window. Keep them where they are not on view, so burglars will not be tempted to break in.

  1. Fit an Alarm System.

Installing a home alarm by a certified installer using up to date and reliable products is a major deterrent to burglars and with many approved alarm systems they contact Gardai and keyholders automatically in the event of an intrusion. Many home insurers offer a discount on premiums if you have an approved alarm.

  1. Neighbourhood watch.

If you live in an area with a Neighbourhood watch then join, this means you and your neighbours keep a look out for each other’s properties and any suspicious activity. Showing the sticker alerts the burglar that even though you are not at home your property is being watched.

  1. Installing CCTV and Security Lights.

Outside lighting is a good deterrent to burglars that light to sneak around in the dark, fitting sensor lights that detect movement will turn on when they detect movement near your property. CCTV Cameras as well as a huge deterrent you can have your property monitored by yourself and a security company to detect any suspicious activity.

More information on how to make you home secure can be found on our website builder