With all the technological advancements happening today, nothing seems to be surprising anymore when it comes to new developments in the Security arena.

With the PAL (Personal Alarm Locator) we are now in the age of new products that can assist in the best care of our loved ones and employees in our care. The Watch-U offers the latest in mobile personal safety and features sophisticated tracking and communication capabilities to enhance the wearer’s safety. In the event of an incident the wearer can easily trigger an alarm which alerts Mmonitoring personnel of the wearer’s location and then communicates over an intelligent 2-way audio feature to follow a pre-agreed protocol to help bring the incident to a successful conclusion.  The Watch U also allows monitoring personnel to regularly check in with the wearer if required. It is designed for many applications including, lone workers, security personnel, maintenance staff, business owners, high net worth individuals, healthcare workers, the elderly and also vulnerable people who desire greater freedom and independence and who want protection inside and outside their home.

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