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CCTV Security Systems with CCTV Camera's & CCTV Monitoring

From single camera to multiple camera CCTV Security Systems incorporating hundreds of cameras, Advanced Digital Security has experience in designing and installing them all. We install the very latest in system technology and are constantly reviewing and researching new products to make sure that our CCTV Security Systems remain at the forefront of cutting edge product technology.

Live CCTV Monitoring:

We use technology to prevent crime happening.  When intruders enter a protected site, live images are transmitted to the Monitoring Control Centre. Operators issue warnings and scramble local Gardai or Key holder response teams. Crime prevented!  Advanced Digital Security Ireland take responsibility for everything, from site survey, system design and installation, to maintenance, 24/7 monitoring and liaison with the Gardai. A monitored system is valued wherever CCTV is seen as essential for crime prevention rather than simply crime recording and reviewing. Our technology and services find application throughout various industries as well as in personal protection and in the   residential market.

  • Examples include:
  • Construction Sites
  • Fuel Depots
  • Schools/Universities
  • Factory/Industrial Units
  • Petrol Forecourts
  • Car Dealerships
  • Self-storage facilities
  • Recycling Depots
  • Retail Premises
  • Private Residences

In addition to detector activated CCTV, we can also offer a number of building management and bespoke services to our customers. By    remotely controlling gates and access barriers, via the CCTV transmission equipment, this has proven to be a more cost-effective alternative to manned guarding.

  • Benefits of Live CCTV monitoring

  • Thanks to the use of remote CCTV monitoring we can help you to:
  • Immediately Improve security issues
  • Cut down on false alarms
  • Drastically  Reduce costs
  • Enhance business  Intelligence and efficiency
  • Coverage 24 hours a day,  365 days a year
  • Complete site coverage, not just the area being patrolled
  • The service is not susceptible to  attack or bribery
  • No people  falling asleep  or taking days off sick
  • Our service is not vulnerable to  decoy attacks
  • It  has the facility to  deal with multiple incidents

An average saving of €50k per annum against competing security services


Live Video patrols can be used to create great cost savings compared to the cost of onsite personnel. Cameras are positioned to monitor offices, hallways, receiving docks, vehicle loading, warehouse stock areas, car parks, or any other area. The central station operators view the premises at scheduled intervals. Tour reports and video of activity are logged directly into our computerised Automation System.

Video Alarm Verification allows our central station operator to view the activity that is causing the alarm condition and relay that information immediately to the proper authorities.

IP Technology:
We use IP Technology to enable companies to centralise the management and control of their security systems across their Network, dramatically reducing the number of security and monitoring staff required on site, whilst at the same time improving the quality and quantity of security systems in place.  Our services are unique.  We provide end to end service for users of IP security systems from concept and design, installation and maintenance.

Video Analytics:
Video analytics is now an accepted and essential capability for managing video in large systems. As part of our strategy to provide a complete IP Video Surveillance solution – A.D.S.I. is committed to maintaining its technology leadership role in this field by identifying new and innovative developments of video analytic solutions from around the world and delivering them to the Irish Marketplace.

Why use Video analytics:
What if your video surveillance system could not only issue accurate alerts as soon as security threats begin, but also tell you when a customer line exceeds acceptable limits? Or when a shelf becomes empty of a featured item? What if your security system gave you the information you need to improve the flow of foot traffic, while also protecting you from theft? A.D.S.I.'s analytics, which grew from the need for actionable security intelligence, has revolutionized facilities security. Systems equipped with proper video analytics software can, for example, immediately spot and report a person reaching over an unattended jewellery counter, a vehicle tailgating through an entry point or a person entering a warehouse outside normal delivery hours - all of which are indications of potentially criminal processes. Today, in leading-edge retail, bank, transportation and other               ­operations, modern video surveillance systems today also deliver video intelligence that helps improve business processes in these and dozens of other ways, in addition to providing thoroughly actionable security intelligence.

  • All the following can be provide through A.D.S.I.'s Video Analytics:
  • Crowd Detection
  • Removed Object detection
  • Vehicle Counting & Speed measure
  • Unattended Object Detection
  • Human and Vehicle Tailgating
  • Stopped Vehicle                              
  • Loitering person detection
  • Intrusion Detection
  • People Counting

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